Microblading originated in Asia over 20 years ago and has gone by many names: eyebrow embroidery, feather touch, microstroking and even “the Japanese Method." By 2015, microblading became popular in the United States.

Technically, microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing. But unlike traditional tattooing, which uses a machine, microblading artists apply each hairstroke with a handheld microblade. This produces a very fine line that resembles real hair. Each individual hairstroke is hand drawn by the artist and blended in with the client’s existing eyebrow hair. With a strong artist at the helm, the results can be gorgeous and very lifelike.
There are many techniques and approaches to microblading. There are 1D Eyebrows, where the hairstrokes all go in one direction. There are 3D Eyebrows, where the hairstrokes are laid out in a specific pattern across the eyebrow ridges, creating a 3D effect, and 6D Eyebrows where the actual depth of the microblade varies on each individual hairstroke. This creates an even more dimensional and natural result. All of these approaches are valid and part of the art of microblading, but our artists at Microblading Miami use 3D and 6D techniques only.


A lot of modern techniques occupational health service are now taken for granted and commonplace. Originally, many artists would cross hairstrokes in an “x” pattern, since in real life hairs do cross. However, this would injure the skin and looked less natural. These days, most artists are taught never to cross hairstrokes.

Today, more advanced techniques such as 3D Eyebrows are popular throughout the United States. Newer techniques are still being innovated in Asia, such as the 6D Eyebrow by artists like David Zhang of David Brow Art.

Microblading typically takes two appointments to complete. In the first appointment, the client is profiled and the eyebrows are drawn on with a waterproof pencil, so the artist 





            Two days Trainig



             A Professional Microblading Deluxe kit 



            Practice on both, artificial skin and live models



            The ability to Increase your income up to 10 times                                                                                               



           Microblading Certification from ASTAR MEDICAL GROUP



           Continuous support after Microblading course








Each Stylish Brows student receives a FREE Microblading Deluxe Kit once their training session is completed. The kit is composed of high quality tools to achieve your microbladings. It will be perfect for your first 15 clients. It includes :

  • Training manual and Workbook

  • 6 pigments

  • 1 numbing creams

  • 15 blades

  • 2 hand tools

  • Pigment finger rings

  • Micro brushes

  • Razor blade

  • Eyebrow pencils

  • Practice skin

  • Pigment cups

  • Sterilized Qtips

  • Cotton Pads